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Photography Details:

Pricing for most photography:

$125 for up to 2 hours of unlimited shots. Time beyond 2 hours is priced by situation. Most shoots are typically finished in 2 hours or less.

This includes all digital photos delivered directly to you, usually right at the end of the shoot.  You get everything we shoot.  Sometimes the photos will be delivered via Dropbox or FTP or some other online method.

You own everything we shoot.  I never make copyright claims on your photos, and I will never make you "purchase the rights" or force you to buy prints or images individually.  You own them all and you can use all of them as you wish.

I typically shoot at the highest resolution JPEG size, and also in RAW (NEF) format.  JPEGs are included in the base price, and the RAW files are available for an additional $10-$25, depending on quantity.  The extra cost is simply because RAW files are so large and take more time to upload or transfer.

Editing is not included, but is available for $25 per hour.  Portraits typically don't need much, or any, editing, but can benefit from it.  Products, real estate, and weddings typically do need editing.  The total price of editing depends on how many pictures need adjusting. I can sometimes estimate a total cost upfront.

I prefer cash payment, and I can accept credit cards via Paypal. I'm not as enthusiastic about checks, but I will take those, too.

For portraits, all you need to bring is a relaxed attitude, and as many clothes or outfits as you would like to change into.  There is no charge for clothing, hair, or makeup changes, as long as we're done in 2 hours.  Most portrait shoots are done in 2 hours or less.

For products, be sure your items are as clean and presentable as possible.  Select the very best looking specimens.  Product photos typically require the most editing afterwards.  Highly reflective items (glass and jewelry) are usually the most challenging.

The fastest and easiest way for you to get your photos is if you bring your own SD memory card to the shoot.  It should have 6 gigs or more of free space.

Otherwise, please bring a pocket USB storage drive (many people call them "flash drives"), or a portable computer to the shoot.  We'll put your photos straight into your device when we're done shooting, again with at least 6 gigs of free space.

If you need a DVD with your photos, I can provide one for an additional $10.  It's faster and easier to put them on a USB drive.

When you opt to receive your photos immediately following the shoot, understand that you will get every photo that we shoot.  This means you will get a few duds and misfires along with all of the keeper photos.  There is no guarantee on the exact ratio of keepers to duds.  Usually, the number of duds is very small, but it mostly depends on how good the lighting is at the location, and how interesting and exciting the subject is.  I always have lighting equipment with me, and I do my best to make everything look fantastic, but some situations are easier than others. 

Any other expenses, including admission to events/places, parking, etc. are additional.

I don't do printing, but can recommend places around town to get prints made.

Thank you for visiting my site and considering my services.  I love photography and it gives me great pleasure to produce beautiful photos for you.


Jeff Pistana
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